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Lorna had an early introduction to practicing spiritual awareness through her grandparents and is an advocate for learning about spirituality and how a person affects Time, Space, and the Universe. She has earned a Mindfulness Coaching Certification to continue her passion to help others thrive, and offers the LJH Seven Steps to Spiritual Health online: Love Joy Harmony Spiritual Guidance Program.

She has taught an “Exercise for Women” class for more than thirty years, focusing on yoga, dietary concerns, and mental care. She also practices tai chi and meditation, and has prepared a series of introductory lessons to help those seeking to enhance their awareness.

As she served as a caregiver for ten years, she realized she had a vast amount of spiritual history in her family, and she was compelled to write it down. During this time, her awareness increased and her desire to keep learning and growing in that area of her life was born.

Lorna lives in the Pacific Northwest and is building a sustainable living style to nurture the forest and show gratitude for the bounty it provides.

A Caregiver Story

Trading Anguish for a Life of Gratitude

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