Such a significant resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their sacrifice as a caregiver and for those of us who want to help but don’t know how. Lorna’s writing is like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend . . . comfortable and easy to read . . . but it’s really difficult to hear about the deep internal struggles she faced. A private journey that Lorna shares to help others on similar journeys. Life takes on a whole new meaning with such intimate care of a loved one and life takes on a whole new meaning when the loved one passes. Find comfort in discovering where strength and peace can be found in your own journey. LuRicka Kougl, CCM, PMP

If you are looking for a book for understanding the life of a caregiver, it is all right here. I have never read a book as open as this one regarding the emotional struggle and sometimes anger of a caregiver. It is inspiring to finish and see that Lorna has come out of the experience with a hopeful attitude and gives us hope for the future, too. Susan Shrank, Detroit Michigan

Lorna J Hamilton’s A Caregiver Story is a beautiful story of her 10 year journey as her mother’s caregiver. It is a story of forgiveness, self reflection, gratitude, compassion, guilt, self esteem and spirituality. I learned some new lessons and it will help me while caring for my own aging mother. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing some of the same challenges and emotions. Lorna is a loving and compassionate coach and she shared her wisdom with me. Scott Wilson, Software Engineer, Seattle, Washington

I picked up Lorna’s book, A Caregiver Story, and was just thumbing through it. I found myself laughing at how familiar her situation was. This is a good book if you are a caregiver. There is a connection with everyone who is in this position. It is very true how she finishes her “task”. It is a book every caregiver should read for encouragement and hope. E. J. Norem

A Caregiver Story

Trading Anguish for a Life of Gratitude

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